Monday, August 26, 2013

Timeless Tie Clips

The tie clip, one of the most striking male fashion accessories, is making a well-deserved comeback. A carefully chosen tie clip adds interest and individuality to a man’s suit and even reduces his risk of accidents.

Fashionable Safety

The tie originated as way of discreetly hiding shirt buttons while providing an interesting color contrast to suits. Tie clips also keep ties under control. A man without a tie clip is at the mercy of any stray gust of wind. It’s difficult to look suave and fashionable with your tie flapping in your face.

Loose ties also pose a potential work hazard. A flapping tie easily gets caught in doors, elevators or machinery. People have been seriously injured due to tie entanglement.

Display Your Individuality

Tie clips, like cufflinks and ties themselves, allow men to make personal statements with their wardrobe. A man’s tie clip says something about his personality, whether it’s plain gold or elaborately patterned silver. Matching cufflinks and tie clips make excellent gifts for the well-dressed man.

Display Your Affiliation

Tie clips also offer the opportunity to express your allegiance to a particular group. Unlike the tie pin, tie clips were once a means of advertising you had membership in a select club or organization. Company logos and other identifiable organization insignia are often present on tie clips.

Tie clips vs. Tie Pins

Tie clips and tie pins evolved to keep errant ties under control. While visually interesting, tie pins secure ties to underlying shirts by punching a pin through both items. Over time, this can damage ties, which are often made of silk or other delicate fabrics.

Tie clips don’t cause any fabric damage. The clip uses spring-loaded tension to keep the tie firmly attached to your shirt.

Choosing and Wearing Tie Clips

When choosing a tie clip, go for one which is slightly narrower than your tie’s width. A tie clip which extends past the tie looks awkward. A clip 4/5ths of the toe width works well.

Where you wear your tie clip also matters. As a general rule, the clip should lie between the third and forth buttons on your dress suit.

Given their practical nature and visual appeal, it’s hard to believe the tie clip ever fell out of fashion. Fortunately, men’s fashion has remedied the mistake and returned the tie clip to its rightful place as an essential suit accessory.

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